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Monday, August 04, 2003

Internet Implicated in next Terrorist Attack

Corporate control over the internet is not proceeding as planned. Both the radical left and the radical right have too much to say, and too many ways to say it. The internet represents a free-information source that is extremely threatening to our burgeoning police state.

Accordingly, spin doctors will likely blame the next big terrorist attack on the Internet. After this, they will begin a "licensing procedure" for web hosting. Some countries have already started this process. Over time, the licenses will be costly enough to ensure that the average person cannot host their own content. In addition, the licensing will carry reporting requirements, and content restriction requirements. Weblogs like this one may someday be impossible. And threads like this will someday be seen as our naive history.

Think I'm crazy? Check out the "moral requirements" that the FCC is allowed to use to rescind communications licenses. And the recent attempts to create licenses to transmit music over the Internet look like they may succeed because of public apathy.

Click on these links, call your Congressman, and register to vote. Or your free pr0n and w4rez days may soon be over!

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