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Monday, August 11, 2003

A battle of Good versus Evil

There is, actually, a battle of Good versus Evil. It occurs in this substrate of humanity. Good, as embodied by Love, Integrity, Generosity, and Humility does war with Evil as embodied in Hubris, Hatred, Greed, and Lies. This is actually what is happening, in and of itself, and is meant without interpretation as anything but fact. These memes battle for control, not only of our minds, but of society.

Evil's strength is in Lies. And that is the way it manages to survive. An effective system for battling the virus of Evil is conversation. Which is why the Internet, as an expression of conversation, is so threatening to Evil. Evil will try to convince you that too much conversation is bad, that all bad things have come out of conversation, and that if only everyone would just shut up everything would be OK. The lie will sound something like this: "If only he hadn't said blahblah blah then this wouldn't have happened".

The fundamental lie is that the saying of things "causes bad things to happen". The saying of things only causes sound to come out of your mouth. It's the listening that people do, and their interpretation of what is said that may lead them into action. For example, I can't convince you that I'm right. I can only show you what I have seen, and if you are already open to it, you will accept it.

Some will argue that you can "convince" people to do bad things. What is this notion of "convincing"? I would propose that the underlying definition of "convincing" is getting people to say and do things that they were already inclined to say or do. In other words, "convincing" generates nothing new in the mind of the convinced. It is merely self expression.

So my notion is to collapse the definition of "convincing" and "self expression" because their distinction is meaningless.

And this, by the way, is something you already knew.

By rendering the word "convince" as possibly meaningless, I am creating a vaccine for the very "convincing" that Evil uses to maintain itself in me.

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