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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Pictures of Broken Democracy

On one of our fave sites,, there's a link to some protest pics (who's that handsome devil?). It's funny that the Bush fundraiser protests, which spanned several city blocks and took place in several cities, were never mentioned once on any broadcast news sources. What's up? I guess protesting doesn't make the news any more. And why should it? It doesn't have any effect. Bush is just going to steal the election in 2004 again.

Our fucking Democracy is so broken we can't trust the results, and people don't know what Federalism even is, let alone understand why it's essential. Maybe we need an armed revolt next time around? I mean what dick started allowing *corporations* to buy *politicians*... isn't that the rule of the few over the many? Isn't that the kind of crap that we gunned down the British for in the first place?

If Bush wins in 2004, I'm moving out of the country. It's not safe here with a loose cannon as President. Can you believe he called other foreign leaders an "Axis of Evil". And then he said "Bring it on!". The guy's BEGGING for people to bomb us. He knows him and his rich friends will be safe while 18-year olds putting their way though college fight to defend his right to get rich.

"No taxation without representation". My vote wasn't counted, the electorate is outdated, my politicians are 0wn3d....and without Federalism my rights will never be represented so therefore I *definitely* shouldn't have to pay taxes. So that's it. I'm not paying taxes any more. Hey, "Bring it on".


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