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Friday, July 18, 2003

MDMA Enlightenment Party

OK, I went to a great party last night. I probably came on a bit too strong, but whatever, I was high. It was a classic New York loft party - the way it's supposed to be. Huge loft in a condemned building, excellent volunteer DJ, talking trash, talking sex, talking philosophy, shutting up and dancing, shutting up and spacing to X.

Afterwards, I sat on the street and had a conversation with a vagrant father and son duo who have a dysfunctional relationship and live in $10 hotels. I listened to their song ideas, and asked about their life together. Then some punk kid sat down and started insulting everyone. I liked it at first, I mean... he was being "punk guy", confrontational, and forcing us to accelerate our conversation. But then a fight almost broke out. Since I was seeing everything in a positive way, it was very easy for me to diffuse it.

Then I wrote down some thoughts about beauty and enlightenment.

Enlightenment is a path that begins by looking at your internal voices, your thoughts. During this process, there is a sensation of looking inward. However, you cannot do this with your eyes, instead you do it with a metaphorical third eye.

The concept of a third eye dominates many religions. It's a fluid concept, not accurately captured on paper. But I did sense the analogy, and I now understand it in a way that I never have. Not coincidentally, I am reading a novel about the fourth dimension by Rudy Rucker, an amazing author. This novel, by inspiring the reader to consider a 4th dimension, also inspires the concept of a dynamic viewpoint.

You can keep changing your 3-dimensional perspective, and never see the truth. But with a 4-dimensional perspective, you can see it. However, we are 3 dimensional beings! To achieve an enlightening perspective, we can create this 4th dimensional viewpoint, which sees all things. The way to create it, or at least an approximation of it, is to constantly shift ones being. You are a continuous being, like a river is continuous. But also like a river, the water in one spot is never the same. You are consistent and powerful, yet defined by a rapid flow of ever-changingness. By being conscious of this flow, you create a new vector, and the path this vector takes is a path through a 4th dimension.

This doesn't, exactly, capture it... but it comes close to one of the revelations I experienced.

Also, here's a link to a MDMA test kit. Although I have never done it, I've seen that it's pretty good stuff, and has brought people insights into themselves in very positive ways. The problem is that half of what you get on the street is laced with speed. You absolutely need a kit if you're buying!

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