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Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Bush employs WWF-style diplomacy

When asked about the deaths of U.S. soldiers, and the worsening situation In Iraq, Bush responded, "Bring them on". The U.S. seems to think it's OK to ration food, suppress the news, and give absolute authority to soldiers (kids with machine guns).... as long as it's "us" not "them" who rules with terror in the Middle East.

Clearly Bush could give a crap about the lives lost, or the international anger caused by his words and his cowboy attitude. By modeling his words after the WWF, he demonstrates that all he really cares about is his whether his undereducated audience (poor, brainwashed Americans) votes for him in 2004.

When I asked a pro-Bush frat boy at my office about the comparison, he responded "War is like a wrestling match, and Bush needs to show that he won't back down".

Yep, it's all to easy for him to sit in the Whitehouse, politicking to win votes tainted by the blood of U.S. soldiers.


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