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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Will it happen in our lifetime?

It's indisputable that the vitality of humans has increased dramatically over the years. There was a time, as little as 1000 years ago, when the average person could expect to live 20-odd years, and would be in substantial pain throughout a large portion of their life.

As peoples lives grew longer, so did their health, intelligence and athletic ability.

In addition, the rate of lifespan advancement is increasing. 200 years ago, each year, our average lifespan increased by 0.01 years. Today, our lifespan is increasing by 0.25 years per year. Eventually the average lifespan will increase by 1 year every year. At this point, man is "emortal", or "forever young". Death will still happen because of disease, accident and murder... but not because of "old age".

Many people have speculated about when this will happen. It's meaningless to try to "guess" what the impact on the world will be, but it is important to react quickly and intelligently to any emerging problems. Apparently, a major advance has now been made. Personally, I'd rather get a genetic patch, rather than a pill, but I'm not complaining. The other area that will solidify our advancement is in cell-regeneration technology, as previously reported.

Sadly, I don't think our race is mature enough for this technology. People are still too busy running their lives out of fear. People still think that sex is "important" as opposed to "fun and functional". Still, it's exciting to be alive at this turning point in humanity.


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