Bracing against the wind  

Tuesday, June 03, 2003


Yes, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Always sunny and warm, but never too hot. If you go there, you have to surf. If you don' know how (like me), just get someone to push you up onto a board. We were buying a smoothie in Hanalei Bay, when someone named "Freedom", his name tattooed elaborately on his back, asked if we wanted lessons. My friend knew how to surf, but she isn't much for giving lessons, so I said yes. I definitely learned more from him in an hour than I'd learned trying to teach myself in Puerto Rico. Afterwards, we drove a backpacker, "Bo", to a hostel. He said he'd just finished traveling along some trail, spending 2 nights in the mountains and thinking he was lost. Note to backpackers: don't travel alone, and, if possible, bring a gps, sat phone or cell phone unless you are a very experienced at complex wilderness hiking.

I did see some evidence of the social destruction caused by Operation Green Harvest. Crystal certainly is unreasonably and artificially popular there now. I got a lecture on it.

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