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Monday, June 23, 2003

Democracy in Iraq

When the U.S. shut down the first free, anonymous, protected election in Iraq a lot of Americans saw that as "predictable". The reason? Maybe we weren't going to elect someone that emporer Bremer didnt's want to be in charge. OR maybe we just don't want to make the same mistakes there as we did here.

I mean, honestly, do we really want "the guy who can afford the most flyers" to win an election in Iraq? Or will that just turn into the same crap we have here (the guy who can raise the most corporate cash wins).

I believe what Bremer really wants, and what's going to happen, is an election that represents the voice of the people. Not the rich people. Not a few theocrats. The voice of the average, working Iraqi.

And that's going to happen because the campaigns there will be financed equally and centrally.

Now, as to emporer Bremer's censorship edicts. I know he thinks it's saving lives... but really it's just making things worse - giving fuel to the fires of anti-Americanism both in Iraq and abroad. This is the true action of censorship: the more you try to stop people from saying something, the louder they are heard.


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