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Sunday, April 27, 2003

Extropians Suck

Yes, I believe that, with gradual cellular replacement, a multicellular organism can replace, renew and repair it's entire physical form indefinitely. I don't see the need for "decay", except as programmed by evolution. I also feel that it's perfectly natural for humans to seek longer, healthier lives - as all organisms do.

Some have called me an "extropian" or "transhumanist". So naturally I surfed around and found that, yes there are a bunch of people out there who think similar things (of course... there always is).

The difference is that I'm practical about it. I can't find a single "extro" who is serious about advancement and evolution of the species. They're all about cyborgs and nanotech science fiction that's "gonna happen" like a million years from now. It's crap. How about working on the minor advances right now that are needed to push extropy?

I guess I could consider myself a "practical extropian", if that's not a contradiction. A practical agenda involves real social activism, technology investments, and political lobbying... not stuck-up, pie-in-the-sky, mental-masturbation circle-jerks.

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