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Saturday, March 29, 2003

Why is Bush Blocking A Public 9-11 Investigation?

After damning reports that point to a FBI negligence and subsequent coverup [], a group of Congressmen formed an independant commision into why the Sept 11th attacks were seemingly "allowed to occur". This commission has been denied access to funding [], critical documents and is possibly being suppressed by the Whitehouse. An 11-million dollar investigation into 9/11 is, apparently not going to be a part of the 70+ billion-dollar war appropriation. I would contend that the victims, and the American people deserve very well-funded investigation [], and not fiscal restraint [] on this issue.

Former President George H.W. Bush, was called on by Judicial Watch, a government investigations firm, to resign his position with the Carlyle Group, which has significant business interests with the Saudis. 14 of the 19 known hijackers were Saudi nationals. Perhaps this is why [] the investigation has been hampered?

Surely, they didn't know how bad the threat was. Could members of our government have ignored terror threats in order to gain public support for a war with Iraq? Strong stuff.


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