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Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Anti-War is not Anti-Homeland Defense

Increasingly, I've been accused of being a leftist and a pacifist. This is rediculous. I advocated assasinating Saddam and his regime, as an alternative to war. I advocated increased surveillance and increased military presence in airports in resonse to terrorism. I advocated increased CIA and antiterrorist budgets. As a New Yorker, I just think the war's gonna make things worse for me, personally.

Idea for circumventing privacy laws. If the cops have nothing to hide and they publish everything about their daily, personal activites (cameras, etc), then they can obtain the right to spy on people. Anyone viewing the data or acting on the data would also have to submit to personal publishing. This way any agency could circumvent privacy laws if needed, but only if they, themselves, live clean and honest lives.

Kindof like a GNU license for honesty.


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