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Monday, January 20, 2003

Why are we afraid?

One of the issues that "The Culture of Fear" and Bowling fail to address is "why". Why are so many people afraid? The close association of religion and politics might be to blame.

Fear-mongering religions tell us that "if you don't believe in [Our Ideas] then [Bad Things] will happen". Most popular religions claims that "people who don't follow or believe" will be "spiritually damaged" somehow. The problem is, they can't all be right. And most of the prophets (Jesus, Mohammed, Abraham, Buddah) would agree with me.

Our prophets were poor, simple people who rose above their lowly births, and difficult circumstances, to speak out against the controlling fear-dominated states of their time. They preached doctrines of love and cooperation, not fear. The whole idea of "God-fearing", so prevalent among all major religious institutions, was "written in" by disciples and kings, not prophets, in order to turn religion into a political tool.

The current administration knows that religion was a powerful political tool, and that unsupported claims of "spiritual correctness" can blind voters when decisions of policy need to be made. Bush shamelessly uses proximity to the Church in major speeches, and events. Somehow, only those leaders who want to kill and bomb other countries have the balls to use the word "God" in every third sentence.

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