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Friday, October 11, 2002

Some notes on AI

Started a fun thread on genetic engineering at Some violent, fearful anti-technology person started replying to me, calling me an idiot in each reply. Joy!

It's come to my attention (can't explain how or why) that hackers are trying to break in to some servers because they think these servers are running terrorist websites. This is not a game. What all these hackers don't realize is they are not hurting the terrorists, they are just slowing down U.S. investigations.

If you think you're hacking a terrorist site, find out if it's on a U.S. or U.K. webhost. If it is, then:
- it's a misinformation site deliberately hosted by the U.S.
- it's a non-terrorist info site that has been sanctioned by our government
- it's a site that's being used to monitor, track and log terrorist activity.

Indonesian sites are a big exception to this rule. They are often real terrorist sites.

If you think you found a new site, just alert the FBI and/or the SSECB (+1 202-435-5850) and let them deal with it. Believe me, they are lot better at it than most people think.


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