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Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Communist Technology

Every day, jobs are lost to technology, and newer, harder jobs are created. Lives are overturned, but the overall quality of living can improve by leveraging the excess capacity into social programs. (Although "true" philosophy will never be lost to us.)

Karl Marx advocated some really radical communist ideas, railed against by the bourgeoisie: a graduated income tax, free public education, a minimum wage, subsidized agriculture, estate tax, a centralized national bank, liability to the rights of workers, abolition of child labor. What a crazy guy!

If everyone's jobs are replaced by computers, and everyone can get 3 square meals, and shelter for free, what will would do all day? Make movies? Read in the park? Listen to music? Make spaceships? What's worse, where would we get prostitutes and sycophants from, if nobody needed money that badly? I hope that doesn't happen in my lifetime. That would suck.

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